Artesania Multi Cutter Set.

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Artesania Multi Cutter Set.

Cutting guillotine for modeling and crafts. It cuts wood and plastic strips quickly and accurately, allowing cutting in a wide variety of angles.

What includes:

Cutting guillotine adjustable from 45º to 90º Cutting guillotine with adjustable angle from 45º to 90º. It makes fast and precise cuts in a multitude of soft materials: wood, plastic, cork … It has measures indication for the cut in metric and imperial system. Includes rubber feet (suction pads)
Blade Spare blade for aditional cut.
Mártir Additional (is a part of the base that is marked by the guillotine cut)

Technical specifications:

Recommended minimum age 14 years old
Product Safety Contains dangerous tools if not used properly. Use under adult supervision. Keep out of the reach of children.
Product Care It is recommended to keep tools rust free and sharp for safer use.