Navigator, HD Wide Angle Quad, 720p Camera. Udi Rc.

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Navigator, HD Wide Angle Quad, 720p Camera. Udi Rc.

NAVIGATOR equipped with high definition camera and built in altitude hold function to meet your selfie demand. No matter mountaineering, outings, or family parties, it can help you capture every eternal moment.

 Smartphone WiFi Control, Simple to take video, photos and control quadcopter.

Controller operation just the same as other quadcopters, providing yaw, steering, altitude hold and so on.

Altitude hold mode, more easy flight.

Altitude hold mode means flying the quadcopter at a specified altitude and adopts barometer to realize this function. Under this mode, you can make the quadcopter fly at the default height and hover, easy to shoot images from any angle, more suitable for beginners to control.

Heading hold mode provides no more confusion about direction.

When flying you have no need to distinguish the direction under heading hold mode. If you are concerned about the direction, then you can activate the heading hold mode at the beginning of flight, thus you can fly the quadcopter more easily.

Low battery alarm, grasp flight status.

When the quadcopter battery is low, then the transmitter will sound a series of  beeps “di-di-di…” to remind you to fly the quadcopter back as soon as possible. To avoid concerns of loss.

Out of range alarm, no more lose contact.

When the quadcopter is going to exceed the flight range, then the transmitter will sound a series of beeps “didi…didi…didi…” to warn you that you need to fly the quadcopter into the controllable area, otherwise the drone will become unresponsive which can end in loss.

One button take off/landing/ Emergency stop, intelligent operation.

If you feel the flight procedure is too complicated as a beginner, you can use “One button take off” button and the quadcopter will take off automatically and hold a certain altitude. Of course, if you want to land the drone, you also can use one button landing and the drone will automatically land slowly until the motors stop running. When emergency situation happens, and need to stop flying at once, then you also can press down “Emergency Stop button” and the motors will stop working instantly and the drone will drop down directly.

Virtual Reality Mode

Use your smartphone in virtual reality mode and wear vr glasses to experience real-time virtual reality transmission.
* Please refer to the VR user manual for more details.
* Smartphone and VR-glasses NOT included