Artesania – Plank Bender.

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Plank Bender. Artesania.

With this simple manual tool you can shape, quickly and easily, the strips of your model.
Perfect for beginning modelers.

Tong and pliers to bend strips making incisions in the inside of the curve we want to achieve. It provides a quick and easy way to bend small section strips for our models.


With practice you can control the resulting curve attending to the depth and spacing of the incisions made in the inside strip to bend.

Advice: practice the using of this tool with leftover strips, an excessive pressure can cut the piece instead of bend it. Its use is also recommended after being properly moistened.

Technical specifications:

Recommended minimum age  14 years old
Product security It contains dangerous tools if they are not used properly. Use under the supervision of an adult. Keep out of reach of children.
Product care It is recommended to keep rust-free tools and in good condition for safer use.
Long 18 cm