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Wasgij Original – A Sunday Drive 1000 Piece Puzzle

Have you got eyes that can see what happens next in this Wasgij Jigsaw puzzle ?  Don’t puzzle what you see… puzzle what Granny sees!
Well, imagine you have and you’ll be on your way to solving these puzzles. The picture on the box is only a clue – it is not the picture puzzle you have to complete.

Wasgij is the puzzle that makes you think ahead

After 20 years, Granny is making a return to the village she visited on her Sunday Drive.  Granny hasn’t changed much, and she is still driving the same car. But the village has changed a lot – more shops, more houses and lots more people.  But what has stopped everyone in their tracks?  Why is Granny looking puzzled – has she seen a familiar face… or two, in the street?

Try to imagine you are Granny in her car … what she can see is the view you have to puzzle.

Find out what it is that the people in the picture are seeing.  Use your imagination as well as your curiosity to find out what’s happening in the Wasgij Puzzle.  Only the puzzle holds the answer …